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Lean into the Discomfort

I didn't invent this phrase, but I'm ready, willing, and able to practice it as often as possible. I'm also pushing this mantra on to those around me which has led to some amazing new experiences. Hate to dance? Take a world dance class. Shake your ass like no one's watching. Never tried a surfset fitness class? Jump on the board & tremble & shake until you find your center. Hike the desert. Climb the ropes. Face the heat. And maybe sit safely in a room and paint a tile. But make it yours. Own it. Believe it. Lean into it.  What I'm Wearing: Sweatpant Millionaire Tank  Black Adidas Sneakers Reich Furs Sandals XX, The Fur Boss Maria Reich

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Wild, Barefoot, & Free

I can find inspiration in anything. But sometimes it finds me. At Canyon Ranch in Tuscon, AZ where I came to unplug for a few days, I wasn't seeking anything in particular. Just some time away from the grind of the Fashion District.  During a 6am walk, where the temperature was already well into the 80's, and the colors of the cactus exploded in front of me, I saw these words in the sand, " Creative expression through the arts can awaken and innovative spirit, banish stress, encourage mindfulness & boost self esteem".  So that became my mantra on this trip. What I'm Wearing:  Mermaid Vibes Trucker Hat  White Alo Leggings  Black Adidas Sneakers   XX, The Fur Boss Maria...

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