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be ambitious not thirsty

Strive, walk proud, put in the extra work... then put in some more! Start early, stay late, be unapologetically driven, and always build each other up! Make adjustments to your crown, smile, don't waste your precious days, and bring it all to the table. What I'm Wearing: Vintage Rolling Stones T Shirt Forever 21 Red Pants Jocelyn Fur Bandana ย  It's a great day to have a great day. XX, The Fur Boss

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White Haute

It's not often that I will wear all white, but I couldn't resist this "summer vibe" Zara suit.ย  Refreshing whites feel right in this moment... But I'll be back to black in the morning. XX, The Fur Boss Maria Reich ย  What I'm Wearing: White Zara trousers White Zara blazer Black Zara belt

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